The complete platform created by Apple, iCloud, includes a wide range of communication services. With iCloud email, the user can manage calendars and contacts in addition to accessing the emails from any Apple device. Suppose an email has a reference to a meeting. In that case, the user may sync it with the people attending the meeting on the calendar, which makes rescheduling meetings much simpler.

First, the user needs to check the following:

  • View the iCloud Mail system status.
  • Verify that iCloud Mail is enabled:
  1. Open the Mail application on your Mac, select Mail, then Preferences. Select the iCloud account in the sidebar after clicking Accounts. Verify that the account is activated and the status is online under Account Information.
  2. Go to Settings then ‘your name, and then iCloud on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and make sure Mail is switched on.
  • Make sure the iCloud storage isn’t at its maximum. Find out how to expand the iCloud storage if the user exceeds the allotted storage space.
  • Make sure the device is running the most recent software version.

To fix the problem of why is my icloud Mail not working, the user needs to follow the following steps:

  • On a Mac or PC, go to to see if the user can get Mail for the iCloud email on another device.
  • Ensure that the smartphone receives automated push notifications for new data. Tap Settings, Mail, Accounts, Fetch New Data on iOS 14 or later, then toggle Push on.
  • Investigate the Internet connection. Launch Safari on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and go to
  • Restart the device after turning it off.
  • Make sure that the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch has Mail switched on in the settings. Turn on Mail by selecting Settings, then go to ‘your name and iCloud.
  • Turn off the settings in steps 3 and 4 and restart the device before turning them back on if the user is still unable to send or receive Mail.

The limit size for message attachments set by the email service provider or the recipient’s email service provider is not to be exceeded. Various service providers have different maximum sizes. If you’re having trouble, try Mail Drop, sending the message without the attachment, or compressing the file before sending it.

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